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  • Published : March 9, 2014
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A report on the descriptive-research done on bullying in hostel Silver Mountain Graduate Business School
Submitted to: Ajaya Regmi,
Research methodology
Submitted by: Sabilb Rai
10th of October/ 2013
This research done in the month of September was successfully conducted and completed on October. First of all, I would like to thank our research lecturer, Mr Ajaya Regmi for the opportunity he provided with me, and for the constant guidance and review. I am very grateful to four hostels officials for their generous time and assistment, without who’s the whole research would be insignificant. I am very thankful to the students of the hostel for providing me the information and sharing their ideas which was very vital for the research. I would also like to express my gratitude to senior researcher Niti Rana on her dissertation ‘The Experience of Being Victims of School Bullying: A Phenomenological Study’ for Kathmandu University, 2006 which was very helpful to understand the topic in my domain. I am in debt to my school friends, Anish Raj Bhandari and Sagar Naral, who in my short- call responded and helped me carry out interview in short time-frame. Executive summary

With the objective to analyse bullying in hostels in Kathmandu, this research is presented with a descriptive approach. The study found that there was a complete difference in environment between hostels provided by the educational firms for students ease and privately owned hostels, initially profit-motivated. Also, in a sensitive issue like ‘bullying’, quantitative analysis won’t do justice. So, through series of interviews and conversation, I got descriptive information which helped me understand its sociological, psychological and physiological implications. There were many noted areas of consensus among the students but fundamentally all of them agreed on the covert nature of bullying presents in our region. Table of Contents

Introduction and Background
Bullying might perhaps be an ever existing problem with a low concern or scientific research here in our country. The general concept of bullying in here is just, ‘a phase of being an adult’. The statistics regarding bullying is not even recorded in Nepal as it is not seen as a grave problem. Nepal is a male dominated culture which may promote negative boost of a male child machismo. A general fuss can result to prove on whom being manlier. This notion is further supported by the immense influence of Indian cinema where an actor described as a hero beats down half a dozens of others single-handedly. The misconception of this could prove fatal to teens resulting in aggression or unknowingly, a bully. Though many schools are trying to imply anti-bullying policies, it is not only the problem of a school but a society as a whole. According to the oxford English dictionary, ‘bullying is to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something’. It is a form of aggression and can be verbal, physical and emotional. The utmost result of being bullied seems to be suicide or its tendencies or long-term mental problems. U.S Department of Education (1998), bullying is defined as:

Intentional, repeated harmful acts, words, or other behaviour, such as name-calling threatening and/or shunning, committed by one or more children against another. The victim does not intentionally provoke these negative acts, and for such acts to be defines as bullying, an imbalance in real or perceived power must exist between the bully and the victim. Bullying can be physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual in nature. (p.1)

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, A hostel is ‘a supervised institutional residence’. Hostels are now a very common addition to many schools and colleges for assisting distance concern for many students. We can also see privately owned...
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