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  • Published : November 20, 2013
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Cover Letter: Jonathan Keith Jacobs
IB and A-levels Mathematics Teacher

To whom it may concern
This letter is an expression of interest for the position of a Maths Teacher at your School. My Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (double major) and hands-on teaching experience combined with my familiarity with modern teaching strategies makes me a best fit for this position. I am certain in my capability to provide the students with high standards of teaching and services. Previously, I had been teaching mathematics to both junior and high school students for 9 years. I have taught students from wealthy backgrounds to previously disadvantaged (poor), from eastern cultures to western cultures, from gifted students to those with learning difficulties and had to even overcome language barriers. Also I have lived and worked abroad for over the last 5 years – hence I am accustomed to dealing with different working environments and dealing with culture shock. These experiences make me an ideal candidate for teaching at an international school.

Additionally this has inculcated a strong desire to facilitate students in learning strong mathematical concepts – that would help them in subsequent stages of their careers. My ability to create clear and concise learning objectives and the knowledge of using innovative, appropriate and differentiated instructional methods was the prime reason of my improved results at my previous place of work. I know just how to make this subject interesting by using contemporary resources and materials that will keep students’ interest at all times.

As an enthusiastic and experienced Maths Teacher, I am positive in my capabilities to make a substantial contribution to the Mathematics Department. I would like an opportunity to further discuss this Maths Teacher’s position and my qualifications. I am currently completing my PGCEi through the University of Nottingham and will then continue on towards a Masters...
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