Gourmet Strategic planning

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  • Published : February 20, 2014
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Gourmet was founded by Mr. Nawaz Chatha in 1987 as a single outlet of a bakery unit. Over a period of two decades it has grown in stature and apart from excelling in bakery products it has introduced new trends in a variety of businesses such as restaurants and dairy products business. The main aim of the company is to provide quality products at a competitive price to its valued customers. To produce the best quality products, company has invested a huge amount of capital in placing state of the art technology to meet the demands of the customers. The company wants to increase its market standings by opening new outlets at key locations of the city. For any company market sustainability is very important and for this the company wants to break the monotony on a timely basis by introducing new products and enhancing the quality of current products through innovative ideas. HISTORY:

In the area of Ich’chra, Lahore, GOURMET took start with a small shop. The concept of fresh, healthy and hygienic food in affordable prices achieved quick popularity among bakery customers. The bakery products for breakfast were provided in limited areas, but because of the over whelming support of customers, GOURMET planned to expand. Now it have many branches in different areas of Lahore i.e. Shahdara, Kareem Block, Shalimar Garden etc. VISION:

The vision of Gourmet Bakers & Sweets is to be the leading health, wellness and nutritional company at national level. MISSION:
The mission of Gourmet Bakers & Sweets is to provide quality products at a low price to be the market leader.

To build strong customer relationships by providing them quality products at the low cost. To implement paperless environment throughout the company.
Using paper bags replacing plastic bags within next two years. To build better relationships with supplier
To reduce the cost by reducing the wastages during the production and transportation. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS:
Political analysis
Political scenario in Pakistan has seen many important changes in recent years. The political environment directly influences all the industries working in the country. Economic analysis
Despite inhospitable domestic and international environment resulting from the either the global recession or due to the terrorism acts, Pakistan’s economy grew by 2 percent in the financial year 2008-09 according to Economic survey 2008-09. Reports have shown increase in GDP, increase in per capita income and increase in IT development as well which are positive signs for the industry but there are some negativities as well. Like all the other companies are subject to the harvest of the raw material that they use in their soft drink and juice, like corn, oranges, grapefruit, vegetables etc. Socio-culture analysis

Sociocultural impacts hugely such industries where the carbonated water industry has ruled but now the trend of health consciousness is taking place which give a positive signs for entering juice industry. Gourmet has to pay a special attention on the lifestyle changes. Further Income of people is increasing more trends towards FMCG. Further a major social trend in the rural areas of Pakistan has been a shift from presenting guests with drinks such as lassi towards such beverages. All these situations are calling for new and new opportunities and investors. Technological analysis

It has to pay attention to the new distribution techniques as well. Even though one have to take into account that specialized factors involve a heavy and sustained investment, but also at the same time if one is able to achieve them, he could generate competitive advantage. MARKET ANALYSIS:

The beverage industry, through innovation, is launching several new products, like fruit flavored, iced teas, energy drinks, Fruit flavored water, fruit based non-alcoholic beverages, fruit flavored milk drinks, freshly Squeezed, fruit juice with juice...
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