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  • Published : July 1, 2013
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Retail business

“759 Store” is the Group's new line of retail business with reference to the consumption model of Japanese localities. The business is principally engaged in the sales of confectioneries, beverages and other packed foods imported from Japan and other regions in the world. The origin of its products mainly includes Japan, followed by Korea, Taiwan and Europe. We adopt the policy of high turnover, wide varieties, leisurely shopping environment and desirable service, and positioned the general public as our target customers.

For the year ended 30 April 2012, the number of outlets increased to 71. Being new in the retail industry, 759 Store had experienced many setbacks in the course of development, namely abrupt changes in the local supply chain, Japan tsunami and its subsequent Fukushima nuclear crisis. Thanks to Hong Kong government's swift response, coupled with the stringent control of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department on foodstuffs imported from Japan, the citizens in Hong Kong regained their trust in Japanese food in a short period of time. This also laid the groundwork for the Group's continuous growth. In spite of the various challenges and obstacles, 759 Store was fortunate enough to survive and grow in the course of learning; attributable to the strong support from various parties, including the support of our valuable customers, the concerted efforts of our staff, our partner suppliers who provided new products and assistants, and the principal banks' continuous support and readiness to increase our line of credit amid business transformation of the Hong Kong branch and uncertainties over the future, providing vital funding for the business expansion of the Group.

The Group originally intended to establish approximately 10 Japanese confectioneries stores as an experience and a trial for the Hong Kong headquarters to explore the feasibility of a new business model. Despite that the Group adhered to its principle of...
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