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  • Published : December 3, 2013
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CRITERIA C & D WILL BE ASSESSED. SEE TASK SPECIFIC RUBRICS ATTACHED. Use A4 paper for your answers. Your work should not exceed 4 pages. Make your explanations logical, concise and complete and comment on the accuracy of your answers.

Afya Ltd is a company that manufactures medicinal drugs and food supplements in pill form. As part of its new strategy, the Chief Executive Officer has decided to redesign its packaging. The plan is to package as many pills as possible into a box which takes the shape shown below.

One day, the CEO asks to meet the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - the person who came up with the new packaging. When asked to explain how he got the highest number of pills that could fit into the box, the CMO’s reply was, “ get the maximum number of the pills that could fit into the new box, I simply divided the volume of the box by the volume of one pill.” Before he could finish the sentence, the Chief Designer who was also present in the meeting raised his hand and yelled, “No! I disagree with that method.” At this point, the CEO decides to end the meeting. He however calls you 20 minutes later to ask for your opinion as the Chief Scientist in the firm. In the telephone conversation he asks you to write a report that refutes or justifies the method suggested by the Chief Marketing Officer . “I would like you to include all your calculations in your report so I may understand how you arrived at your final conclusion”, he adds.

Your task:
a) Write down the report showing how you arrive at the maximum number of pills that can fit into the packaging. b) Was the Chief Marketing Officer’s method correct? Why?
c) In your work remember to show calculations that support your answer, and explain each step of your working. You may wish to display your data in tables and/or charts. Remember to justify your answer and include neat diagrams.

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