Model UN Conference Committee Topics

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  • Published : December 29, 2013
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General Assembly IV/1 Sponsor: Rwanda
Topic: Sustainable Transportation

Recognizing that there is a major conundrum around the world today regarding greenhouse gas emissions; Understanding that this is especially prevalent in developing countries due to unattainable and unaffordable technology and education; Bearing in mind the United Nations’ assistance in the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), whose goal is to create cleaner fuel and more fuel-efficient vehicles in developing countries; Recalling that the government and people of Rwanda are not currently financially stable or fully educated; Further noting that reducing carbon dioxide emissions is currently not a main priority due to the cost and efforts needed; Realizing the suggestions for developed countries to aid the developing; But also aware of the potential financial instability of the developed countries; Having considered that these developing countries, like Rwanda, have valuable resources; Recommending that the United Nations and cooperating developed countries create a trade system with those developing countries; Suggesting that those developed countries in the European Union or the United States create an international trade agreement with those developing nations Advising that those developed countries are first audited for financial stability; Hoping the trade will create monetary funds for those undeveloped nations to educate their workers on emissions and to help create emission standards Emphasizing the importance of education on greenhouse gas emissions and money needed to combat this issue; Realizing that the developing nations must also make an effort and express an interest in resolving the issue; But also remembering their instability and unavailability of resources; Hoping that an international trade agreement will give those developing nations the financial need to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, without relying too heavily on the aid of developed nations.

IV/2 Bearing in mind, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is an economically poor country located in Africa, Realizing, a major problem is a rapid increase of private vehicles being purchased and as a result transportation is becoming an important part of life Deeply concerning, is the surge in transportation that is causing excessive pollution in the environment and the need for public transportation Noting further, that old vehicles and bad roads leading to traffic congestions in urban areas cause outdoor air pollution Alarmed, pollution rates are skyrocketing and are predicted to triple by the year 2050, Recognizing, there is presently no monitoring of environmental quality (water, air, land); neither are there any mechanisms for monitoring implementation or enforcement of legislation and chronic economic mismanagement and internal conflicts have led to long-term under-investment Recalling, the government and citizens have not been able to form any sustainable solutions to control emissions despite having received large sums of money from the international community Aware of, effective environmental protection and climate change adaptation calls for the mainstreaming into a wide range of planning and management processes, at the same time the crosscutting nature makes implementation particularly difficult

Calls upon the international community to create an advisory council that will propose a solution to lessen air pollution and create public transportation. Their responsibilities include: Designate the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to work with the advisory council on their proposal of increasing public transportation to eliminate...
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