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  • Published : November 17, 2013
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In all areas of science and most areas of life, a fundamental and logical understanding has seemed to be the only form of understanding that I can fully accept. Mathematics embodies this, which is why I find the subject so stimulating and why I aim to study it at university. I have found maths to be an extremely elegant subject, particularly Calculus and Proof by Induction. I still find the fundamental concept of taking an infinitely small section of a parabola to allow the gradient to be constant, profound. Proof by Induction was the first rigorous proof method that I encountered and I was amazed by its power and simplicity. I also enjoy the more intuitive and creative aspects of maths such as devising conjectures based on patterns. I have become very interested in unsolved problems and the fact that some have been challenging the finest mathematicians for years. One example is the Riemann Hypothesis; I quickly became very intrigued by this and enjoyed learning about the conjecture in general, as well as its importance (particularly in number theory), through the book 'Prime Obsession' by John Derbyshire.

As a maths student I work very independently. Having not taken 'A' level Further Maths at the start of sixth form due to timetabling, I began to teach myself the first Further Maths module. I became so enthralled by what I was learning that by April, I felt I had sufficient knowledge to take the exam. Following this, I began studying the second Further Maths module. I obtained a solid understanding of it in roughly two weeks, tested by practice papers. I now aim to complete the full A2 in Further Maths over the course of year 13. When faced with a difficult problem I will try every method I can to find a solution before asking for help. This independence has helped to develop my intuition and my ability to think outside the box when solving more lateral and complex problems. This learning style can be challenging at times but I enjoy the mental battle when...
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