Story Elements

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  • Published : March 26, 2014
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Within the first pages of the book, introduces us to the world of short stories. It lets us know that throughout the 19th and 20th centuries that Americans found stories in random places such as newspapers, all manners of magazines and they gained a wide variety of attention from critics as an essential part of literary studies Creative writing classes pop up at American universities and colleges drastically in the past 30 years. Bookstores, coffeehouses seemed to sponsor author readings and meetings giving the opportunity to the public to meet with writers and hear stories from them. These stories became dynamic and powerful in ways of development through compression and immediacy which was a sense of narrative time, character, meaning and event. Within this book we will read series of short stories that will inspire debates, engage your sympathies, and make you want to rush home and write about your experiences that you have read about.

The introduction also does enlighten us about the Elements of Fiction: Such as Plot which is basically a synopsis of what happens in a story. It developed through the way that the story is worded and may reveal a character’s emotion, state of mind, or motivation. We also learn about flashbacks which is when an author uses moments that have happen at an earlier timeframe. We also learn about foreshadowing which is where we are giving more depth about a story and informs of us anticipated or later events coming within the story. Conflict is central to the development of character and plot. It builds emotions, tension, and drama that gives a sense of what is at stake in a story. There normally two forms of conflict external and internal between the characters. Characters are the people, places, things, animals that are portrayed within the story. These stories can be dynamic characters which can change through the course of a story; principal character, secondary characters. Also these characters can development motivation...
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