Stress on Genders

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  • Published : February 10, 2014
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Stress Difference Among Men And Women In The Commercial Banks Of Lahore, Pakistan. Stress is majorly common in behavior study and can be described as a challenge faced by a person in his life in the form of environmental events or personal factors. Stress is the connection between stressor and the person’s reaction to it. Stressor can be any factor within the organization, whether a competition among employees, work overload, high expectations from the people surrounding you and many more. Dewe (1991) Organizational stressors mainly caused due to these three factors, job factors, role factors and physical factors. Role factors includes role uncertainty, role deviation, role stagnation and an improper role authority. Job factors includes employees’ reaction to being poorly paid or poor allocation between an employee and his job obligation and the obscurity in the job performance. Employees’ reaction to the stressors can be positive or negative, it depends upon the extent the workload and power or talent to control the situation. In most of the cases employees adjust to the stressors and continue to complete their tasks normally. Jenifer Smith (1998) studied that the stress at workplace can also be due to management pressure, long working hours, complex tasks, no support among the employees, handwork to seek promotion and bullying in terms of discrimination. Sandi Mann (1998) explained one of the factors of stress on bank employees is bearing the increasing load to be cheerful, engaged, welcoming and keen at all times. Research findings also show women are less affected by the environmental conditions as compared to men. Factors that positively affect the mental health of women at work place are Support Encouragement, Challenging jobs, Absence of stressful conflict, Balanced work load, Clear expectation(Burke, R.J and McKeen, 1994 Factors that likely to cause stress among women at work place can be insecurity at work place, lower occupational status, family...
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