10 Commandments of a Successful Student

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  • Published : September 15, 2013
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10 Commandments of Successful Students

1. Hard Work: Success is not possible without putting in a sufficient amount of effort towards the goal you’re trying to accomplish. Having a good work ethic means that you are willing to do the work and not just sit back as others do the work for you. Being a hard worker is the number one way to accomplish your goals and dreams in an efficient way. The amount of work you put is in the amount of success you get out. 2. Organization: Being organized means having your goals, thoughts and your possessions in order. For example, if your desk is a mess and you don’t know where anything is, studying will take twice as long as it would if you’re things were organized. Also, if you’re not organized you may be forgetful about certain tasks or deadlines that you might have. In the long run, being organized helps you do things in a quicker, more efficient way. 3. Determination: Being determined means that you are focused on a goal at mind and you want to achieve this goal. Sometimes we may face challenges on the road to accomplishing these goals but someone who is determined will not let these obstacles get in their way. Students who are determined are willing to do whatever it takes to get good grades and succeed in school even if it means sacrificing other things such as hanging out with friends or going to a party. 4. Patience: Patience is important because not everything happens at the pace in which we want them to happen. It also prevents students from being stress because it helps them learn to accept that there are things you can’t change. Also, being patient can help students make better decisions because by waiting, they can think over and weigh the options on both sides of a decision. We must also be patient towards others because everyone is different and we must be tolerant. Some things in life are better the longer you wait. 5. Be Able to Accept Criticism: Being able to accept criticism shows that you are...
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