10 K Presentation Outline

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  • Published : June 3, 2015
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10-K Balance Sheet Outline
Companies Major Assets
Cash- increase
Accounts Receivable- decrease
Total Current Assets- decrease
Property, Plant and Equipment
1. The biggest 3 that make up property, plant and equipment are central office equipment, cable wiring and conduit, and other equipment. 2. Depreciation and amortization of 161,140
1. Wireless component- 35,803, increased 48 million from last year 2. Wireline component- 33,638, increased 332 million from last year 3. Goodwill went down in spite of the increase in the wireless and wireline components due to a decrease in advertising solutions and in other Licenses

1. Licenses include wireless FCC licenses of $52,318 at December 31, 2012 and $51,358 at December 31, 2011, that provide us with the exclusive right to utilize certain radio frequency spectrum to provide wireless communications services Total Assets- increase

Accounts Payable
1. Breakdown of accounts payable in additional financial information 2. Accounts payable increased in 2012
Other major liabilities-advanced billing and customer deposits, dividends payable, and total current liabilities Long term debt
1. Debt refinancing in debt note
Stockholder’s Equity
Stockholder’s Equity note
1. There are 14 billion authorized shares of common stock
2. 10 million authorized shares of preferred stock
3. In 2012 ATT repurchased 371 million shares of common stock for 12,752 (treasury stock) 4. In November 2012 ATT declared an increase in quarterly common stock dividend to 45 cents per share Sections in Stockholders Equity- common stock, additional paid in capital, Retained earnings, treasury stock (increase due to repurchase program), accumulated other comprehensive income, non-controlling interest and total Stockholder’s Equity
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