2.9 Support Children & Young Peoples Positive Behaviour

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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2.9 Support children & young peoples positive behaviour

1.1Describe your settings policies and procedures relevant to promoting childrens positive behaviour: My setting has a ‘Behaviour Policy’ that was recently updated/revised. The main aim of the policy is to promote good behaviour and respecting others through the promotion of self discipline, consideration for others and collective responsibility. The policy includes a code of conduct, and sets out the boundaries of acceptable behaviour by establishing clear rules which, are to be applied consistently and fairly across the whole school.

The expected behaviour within school is widely distributed and displayed in classrooms, the dining hall and corridors, as is the behaviour expected in the playground. The policy is quite clear on rules for staff which include; Focus on good behaviour, praise wherever possible, be as fair as possible and never ignore bad behaviour. The school uses a ‘sanctions’ and ‘rewards’ system. Typically the rewards are; class points, showing good work to others, prizes, certificates, school ‘happy book’. The sanctions would typically include; Pupil goes to time out area, name on board, loss of playtime, incident noted in red book, referral to Headteacher and parents informed. Exclusion is the most serious sanction and is only taken in extreme circumstances.

In the EYFS team where I am based, the class rules have been simplified relevant to the age group we are teaching/supporting. The children contributed to the rules and they are; ‘Kind Hands’ Kind Feet’ and ‘Kind Mouths’. These images are displayed in all EYFS classes and easy reference can be made to them if a pupil is not following the behaviour policy. The emphases, however, is the same throughout the school, we praise and reward good behaviour and set good examples for the children we support.

1.2Describe with examples the importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for...
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