2012 ATESOL Trial HSC Listening Paper Marking Guidelines

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  • Published : July 26, 2015
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2011 ATESOL Trial HSC English (ESL) Exam Marking Guidelines

Listening Paper

Question 1 (1 mark)
Outcome assessed: H5
What is the purpose of this radio show?

To entertain
To relax listeners at the end of the working week

Inappropriate answers:
To inform
To persuade

Question 2 (2 marks)
Outcomes assessed: H1, H5, H7
Explain how ONE feature of the introduction engages the listeners.

Correctly identifies ONE relevant feature of the introduction AND
clearly explains how it engages the listeners
Correctly identifies ONE relevant feature of the introduction OR
Explain an effect on the listeners

Sample answers for 2 marks:

The deep voice that accompanies the introductory music attracts attention and promises entertainment/humour in the rest of the program.

The words 'Thank God It's Friday' are repeated in the song to make people feel happy that the week is over and they can now relax and have fun.

The announcer’s comment is meant to convey that the program will be funny.

Sample answers for 1 mark:

Upbeat music attracts attention
Richard welcomes the panel with an enthusiastic tone
The clapping and whistling are engaging
“adult themes, occasional nudity” - ironic statement
The audience is looking forward to hearing the band

Inappropriate answer:

Welcomes the panel.

Question 3 (1 mark)
Outcome assessed: H6

What does Glover mean by the word ‘procrastination’? Tick the box that corresponds to the best answer.

Gives the correct answer

Correct answer: A

Question 4 (2 marks)
Outcome assessed: H6

Give TWO examples of activities that HSC students do to avoid studying.

Identifies TWO correct activities
Identifies ONE correct activity

Answers could include:

playing squash
walking the dog
talking with friends
reading the newspaper
debating politics
cleaning their rooms
making dinner for the family
growing chillies
brewing beer
getting fit
chatting with parents
organising accommodation for Schoolies' Week

Question 5 (2 marks)
Outcomes assessed: H3, H4, H6

Compare the attitudes of 'Jocasta' and 'Bat Boy' to the HSC.

Correctly identifies the attitudes of BOTH Jocasta and Bat Boy, showing clearly how their attitudes differ

Correctly identifies the attitude of EITHER Jocasta OR Bat Boy AND implies that this attitude differs in some way from the other person's OR
Mentions or implies the attitudes of BOTH Jocasta and Bat Boy, without showing clearly how they differ 1

Sample answers for 2 marks:

Jocasta is worried that her son isn't studying, while Bat Boy is very relaxed about the approaching HSC.

Jocasta keeps checking the calendar and getting uptight about the fact that Bat Boy isn't studying. Bat Boy, on the other hand, keeps putting off studying and doesn't seem at all worried.

Bat Boy is doing everything he can to avoid studying, and Jocasta finds his attitude more and more disturbing as the exams get closer.

Sample answers for 1 mark:

Jocasta thinks that Bat Boy shouldn't be wasting so much time when the HSC is so close.

Bat Boy isn't studying and this worries Jocasta.

Bat Boy is less worried about the exams than his mother.

Jocasta thinks it is unfair that her son gets a holiday after not working, while she has to keep working.

Question 6 (3 marks)
Outcomes assessed: H1, H3, H4, H5, H6

Comment on Richard Glover’s use of voice techniques in The News From Nowhere.

Correctly identifies or gives examples of THREE or more voice techniques used by Glover AND
Clearly explains their uses or effects

Correctly identifies or gives examples of TWO voice techniques used by Glover OR

Explains TWO uses or effects of voice techniques used by Glover

Correctly identifies or gives an...
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