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  • Published : June 2, 2013
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25 Top Financial Services Firms


25 Top Financial Services Firms

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25 TOp FINaNcIal sErvIcEs FIrms 2008 Edition ISBN: 978-1-58207-801-4

phOTOcOpyINg Is prOhIbITED

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25 Top Financial Services Firms

25 Top Financial Services Firms


1 2
1 ThE INDusTry 2 Overview 4 The Bottom Line 4 Interviewing Tips 31 Citigroup


7 ThE FIrms 8 A.G. Edwards 12 American Express

35 Credit Suisse 39 Deutsche Bank Securities 43 FMR

73 Piper Jaffray 76 Raymond James Financial 80 UBS 83 U.S. Bancorp 86 Vanguard Group 89 Wachovia 93 Wells Fargo

15 Bank of America 46 Goldman Sachs 18 Bank of America Global Corporate and Investment 21 Bear Stearns 58 Legg Mason 25 Capital One Financial 28 Charles Schwab 65 Merrill Lynch 69 Morgan Stanley 61 Lehman Brothers Holdings 50 Jones Financial 54 JPMorgan Chase


The Industry


Overview.......................................2 . . The.Bottom.Line. ......................... 4 . Interviewing.Tips......................... 4

25 Top Financial Services Firms

By.even.the.most conservative estimates, trillions of
dollars in currency are floating around the world. And someone has to keep track of it all. Financial services is a growing field, with many job options. Do you want to work for a commercial bank, an investment bank, a brokerage firm, a credit-card company, or a mutual fund company? Even if you go to work for one of the mammoth financial services conglomerates offering opportunities in many if not all of these areas, you still must determine where your skills and career desires fit best.

research analysts, who read, write, live, and breathe whichever industry they follow, 24/7. It’s not unusual to see analysts, and even traders, spending their free time studying 10-Ks. Investment banking is a great place to learn the ins and outs of corporate finance and pick up analytical skills that will be useful throughout your career. But there’s a difficult learning curve, and chances are you’ll start in a job whose duties are more like those of a peon in Working Girl than that of the top bosses in Wall Street.

ThE INDusTry

cOmmErcIal aND cONsumEr baNkINg
You are undoubtedly more familiar with commercial and consumer banks, which, along with savings institutions, remain the cornerstones of Main Street economic life. Most of us maintain checking accounts at commercial banks and use their ATMs. The money we deposit in our neighborhood bank branch or credit union supports local economic activity through smallbusiness loans, mortgages, auto loans, and homerepair loans. For decades, commercial banks profited by simply holding customers’ money and charging them...
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