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  • Published : February 27, 2015
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‘Marketing Mix’
4Ps of Marketing



Branding strategies
Be the best quick service restaurant


By providing quality, service, cleanliness
and value that make every customer in
every restourant SMILE.

McDonald’s changed from time to time for keeping up itself with changing time and demand. It is not only change its look and attire for re-building its brand with a new get up, but also come out with new products and promotions on different seasons so that people would not feel boring on their products.

McDonald’s is projecting itself as a brand meant for the young and happening through a WI-FI look.

Objective of McDonald's Brand Strategy

customer base

Re-inventing its
brand image

Stressing on the
value aspect of
the customer

Expansion of
food item

The focus area of McDonald’s has changed from being a fast food joint to an eatery for all market segments including young family and loner. Young generation would be their main target audience. Not only that, McDonald’s is also trying to draw into the middle class group by introducing them the low price food.

Labeling Strategies
Labeling is used for information, promotional, identification and legal purposes. Labels can be small or large relative to the size of the product. For example, McDonald’s labeled the nutrition information and the raw ingredients on the burger boxes for the customers’ information.

(a) Nutrition Information
From October 2006, McDonald’s packaging on burgers, fries and salads will display nutrition labeling so that customers can see what percentage of their daily intake of energy and nutrients are in McDonald’s products.

The new boxes (shown on the above) clearly present the percentage of the substance that is recommended daily, as well as the number in grams of the substance in that particular food item. For people on diets, this labeling system will allow them to keep track of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and many other potentially dangerous ingredients to one's health.

(b) Ingredient
Besides, McDonald’s has also labeled out the ingredients on the boxes in unique and interesting picture form. By using this way, customers can clearly know that the materials that used to manufacture the food they purchased from McDonald’s.

Packaging Strategies
Packaging is a very important element in the development of a product. It is a very important marketing to glamorize your product in order to attract the customer’s attention. There are 2 different types of packaging strategies that applied by McDonald’s.

(a) Category-Consistent Packaging
This type of packaging is packaged in line with the packaging practices associated with a particular product category. Traditional package shapes would often be used to ensure the customers will recognize the new product as being in that specific product category. For example, the design of McDonald’s burger box is similar with those other fast food brands’ burger box, the French fries box and also the cup for drinks. Here are some examples between the products of McDonald’s and KFC.

General Steps in Developing and Implementing an Advertisement Campaign for McDonald’s
1. Identify and analyze
target audience

Mc Donald’s target audience are children, family who lazy to cook, Y-generation, college-age-man, upper and Middle class

2. Define advertising

Mc Donald’s want to increase product awareness and make the audience remember it.

3. Create advertising

For example, ‘Come as you
are’ as outlined in this Mc
Donald’s advertisement.

4. Determine advertising

McDonald’s use the objective-and-task approach as they will determine the objectives before initiates an advertisement. Cost of all the tasks will be calculated to attain them. This is to avoid over-spending on the...
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