adrian peterson case

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  • Published : November 29, 2014
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Manuel Saez
Mr. Weyand
BUS 363
24 November, 2014
Adrian Peterson should not be reinstated

Long is been the debate in Adrian Peterson´s case and divided are the opinions, but the fact that he used violence over his 4-year-old and injured him is completely clear. Is it hard to believe how many people still supporting and using violence to discipline their children like something normal and appropriate. The main problem is that this behavior creates a cycle that is hard to get out of, because children that have been disciplined with violence will most likely use violence to “educate” their children too. Anyways, what makes it worse now is that people like Adrian Peterson, a NFL star, who has many people following them, uses this kind of behavior and set an example for other people who will have him as a leader. At least he apologized, which in some way shows he knows what he did was wrong even when he tries to defend himself, the fact that he apologized demonstrates that he had an inappropriate behavior.

First of all, it will better if I explain why these behavior is not beneficial for children and how society is been trying to eliminate it with the past of the years. Definitely, violence is not the way to discipline or educate kids, UNICEF (United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund) reports on violence against children clearly states “ violence in all forms can rob children´s dignity, diminish their self-worth, and threaten their optimal development. Children not only suffer its immediate physical and emotional effects; the violence they see and experience is likely to impact on the type of adult they become and the future society of which they will be part”. Thirty-five years ago, Sweden was the first country to prohibit the corporal punishment of children in all setting, now it is banned in thirty-nine countries and in is in process in other 46 countries. Germany, Sweden, and Denmark are some of the countries that prohibit this behavior....
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