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  • Published : December 2, 2013
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Activity 3

Cultural differences
Communication differences
Japanese don't have the customs, which are Hugging, Kissing and Shaking hands. And they do just making a bow called "Eshaku" or "Ojigi" for their greeting. Japanese companies still keep their lifetime employment slightly. The lifetime employment called "Shusin Koyou" is the system that employees can work in the same company since their graduation from their school until their retiring age. So, the people who change their jobs were thought that they were lack endurance and inpatient or couldn't adjust to their environment. So it's uncommon things that Japanese talk about their business plans to their friends in the comparison to other countries. Japanese clap their hands when they are laughing.

When Japanese call somebody, they move their fingers under their palm. It's the opposite way from European. In Japan, they spend their time with their sweetheart at Christmas, and with their family at the New Year In many countries pauses between words are not long while in Japan pauses can give a contradictory sense to the spoken words by meaning of pauses. Enduring silence is perceived as comfortable in Japan.

Laughing is a sign of happiness in most countries, but in Japan is a sign of confusion, in-secureness and embarrassment. The sign of the thumb and forefinger forming an ‘O’ means is everything ok between the divers and pilots. In Japan it is mean ‘now we may talk about money’ Pointing their nose by their forefinger when Japanese say, "Me? Europe

Europeans would tend to think that driving 100 km is quite a long way, while for other countries like Australia and America that would be rather near. European washing machines normally have only a cold water inlet (the water brought to adequate temperature inside the machine) as opposed to a hot and cold water inlet in the USA. European washing machines are almost always loaded from the front, as opposed to the top in the USA....
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