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  • Published : September 24, 2013
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The Similar Between China and Japan

China and Japan are Asian countries that have similar customs and cultures. For example, they have some characters which have same writing and meaning, but the pronunciation of those words are different. Also, Chinese and Japanese look like similar, so Canadian or other countries people are not easy to distinguish. But beyond that, they have some similarities, such as convenient transportations, the life in big city and disparities.

First of all, China and Japan are alike in convenient transportations. In china, taxi is a very common transportation. Taxi provides our an convenient life, even you can’t drive, you also can enjoy an easy life. Also, driving is a general thing, which offer convenience to people. You are not necessary to wait for a long time, if you have a car. That saves your time and improves your efficiency. Similarly, china has convenient transportations, and Japan also has. In Japan ,the main transportation is subway. Taking subway is an usual things. When people take subways, they have lots of things to do, as take a nap or read newspaper. In addition, trains are the main transportation ,too. My Japanese friend told me, she goes to school by train, so I think trains is a convenient transportation in Japan. In short, both China and Japan have good convenient transportations.

Next, a similarity between China and Japan is the life in a big city. In China, the person who lives in the big city has more temptions. They are easy to lose themselves , because money, glories or anything else attract them. As well, they are busy . Their work, family and friendship use up of their time. They don’t have time to relaxing. Likewise, Japanese are stressful. They have pressure from life, because the life in big city is not easy. You should support the heavy living costs and support a family. Therefore, the life in the big city is crowed. For instance, Tokyo is one of cities that has a large population in the...
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