An age of exploration and Expansion

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  • Published : September 25, 2014
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An age of exploration and Expansion
How did Muslim merchants expand the world trade network at the end of the fifteenth century? The only way of expanding the world during the contemporaries was by sea on vessels and this was well utilized by the Muslims, who were either Arab or Indian converts. Because of the convenient location around the Mediterranean area the Muslim merchants expanded their world from the land of the five seas, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the Arabian Sea. With well developed vessels with new navigational aids such as the astrolabe, an astronomical instrument, the merchants acquired themselves through these seas and expanded to the West to Venice and Vienna, to the North they ended up in Beijing, to the East they found Indies and to the South they found the eastern African coast. By the end of the fifteenth century these locations represented the Muslim world. This world kept growing, it expanded even further when their Indian Mughal Empire extended from Central Asia to India and the empire was established in trans-Saharan. They were obtaining grand financial profits by trading spices from East Indies, India & Zanzibar to European nations right from Roman times. The prices of these products were outrageous since the merchants were unaccompanied in exploring this other part of the globe. The rulers of the European nations realized their liability to this trade and required direct access to the source of the areas producing them, which would free their trade from the Muslims world trade network. These parts of the world were still unknown to the European nations and their leaders until the sixteenth century. By then the Muslim world stood still to where they had already expanded. But by this time the Iberian and European world expanded dramatically many times beyond the known world. So basically the Muslim merchants took control over the Mediterranean costal regions and started up their businesses there. As they...
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