Are Imperialism and Social Darwinism Based on the Theory of History?

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  • Published : September 4, 2013
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Hyacinth Mae Vargas
BA History IIIFeb.28, 2013
Are Imperialism and Social Darwinism based on the Theory of History? Imperialism and Social Darwinism are based on the theory of history. Imperialism is based on the Marxism and Leninism theory while Social Darwinism is based on the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. In its stricter Marxist-Leninist applications, the word "imperialism’s dates from the end of the nineteenth century and minimally connotes the use of state power to secure (or, at least, to attempt to secure) economic monopolies for national companies. In this basis, imperialism is not necessarily an extra national project, which would appear to distinguish it from colonialism. Moreover, the monopoly criterion excludes open-door policies, relegating" U.S. imperialism" and "cultural imperialism “to the realm of rhetoric but seeming to leave "Soviet imperialism" with at least a leg to stand on. Since the term "imperialism “has been so closely associated with Left opposition to U.S. foreign policy, it is apparent that later usage of the term has not been too respectful of Marxist technicalities Marxism is undoubtedly one of the most influential modern schools of thought with implications in philosophy, economy and history. Marxism, the school of thought associated with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and further developed by countless other theoretical economists and historians has engendered passionate debates by friend and foe alike.  It has also generated bloody revolutions, as well as numerous coups and counter-coups to promote and to halt it. Many historically important movements such as Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy were essentially reactions to the spread of Marxism.  Marxism is in short, the stuff of history.  As a school of thought Marxism engages in theory, whether in philosophy, economics or ethics.  A significant portion of Marxist thought concerns history, a history that unfolds in a “dialectical” and determined...
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