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  • Published : September 17, 2013
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Foreign direct investment is of growing importance to global economic growth. This is especially important for developing and emerging market countries. In 2012, these emerging markets became the greatest beneficiary of FDI. Inflows exceeded those to developed countries by $130 billion.

The developed world also receives its fair share of cross-border investment, but of a different nature. Most of this was mergers and acquisitions between mature companies. These already-global corporations are engaged in restructuring or refocusing on core businesses. However, it gets recorded as FDI. This type of investment is more about maintenance, and less about making great strides in economic growth. (Source: UNCTAD, Annual FDI Report)

The International Monetary Fund defines FDI as when one individual or business owns 10% or more of a foreign company's capital. Every financial transaction afterwards is considered by the IMF as an additional direct investment.

With only a 10% ownership, the investor may or may not have the controlling interest in the foreign business.

Foreign direct investment has many advantages for both the investor and the recipient. One of the primary benefits is that it allows money to freely go to whatever business has the best prospects for growth anywhere in the world. That's because investors aggressively seek the best return for their money with the least risk. This motive is color-blind, doesn't care about religion or form of government.

The Most Comman Advantages are as follow :

Economic growth - This is one of the major sectors, which is enormously benefited from foreign direct investment. A remarkable inflow of FDI in various industrial units in India has boosted the economic life of country.

Trade - Foreign Direct Investments have opened a wide spectrum of opportunities in the trading of goods and services in India both in terms of import and export production. Products...
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