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  • Published : July 29, 2013
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Task A
Section 1

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Safeguarding Children Procedurepage 3

Visitors Procedurepage 4

Mobile phones Policypage 4

Photographs Policypage 4

Confidentiality Policypage 5

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General Health & Safety Policypage 6

Task A
Section 1


Sunny Nursery is committed to providing every child with a happy, healthy, safe, developing environment to start their life. Our aim is for every child to achieve this, if we see any child becoming withdrawn from this statement then professional advise will be given. Our Children’s safety is our upmost importance.

Safeguarding Children Procedure

We are committed to the safety and well being of the children and maintain the vigourous procedures for child protection. We expect all those working with Sunny Nursery to take responsibility for knowing and following these procedures correctly and complying with national and local authority policy and guidelines.

All staff members are required to complete a CRB disclosure form before we may employ you, and there after each year in which you are employed by us.
You are required to attend the safeguarding level 1 course and then progress to level 2, to be repeated every 3 years.
Upon arrival you are responsible for observing each child and if you see a visible injury or are informed by their parent/carer of an injury you must report this to your room supervisor immediately.

Should you witness an accident or notice an injury you must inform the room supervisor immediately and will be required to sign the injury form on completion by your supervisor.
there are four main types of abuse, there are;
PHYSICAL: Cuts, bruises, scalds and fractures that have not been accidently caused. This includes where a parent/carer fabricates symptoms. SEXUAL: This is when by force or persuading a child is made to take part in sexual activities. This can include physical contact or non contact or visually. EMOTIONALLY: Rejection or inappropriate criticism, lack of affection and verbal hostility. NEGLECT: This is failure to meet basic needs to protect the child from harm. This will include lack of love, care and affection, appropriate food and clothing, warmth, self hygiene and shelter.

All staff members have a duty to responsibility to report any suspicious signs that they may have to their room supervisor.
If you feel you cannot talk or report to your supervisor or manager you have the right to contact First Response yourself, this is called ‘whistle blowing’ and you will be protected under the whistle blowing act. First Response: 08001313126 (8-6pm) Out of Hours: 01785 354030 Stafford Area, Foregate Street Stafford.

Task A
Section 1

Visitors Procedure

Implementation of this procedure is the responsibility of the designated person or management.
Check the visitors I.D. and valid date.
Ensure the visitor signs in and out.
Ensure that the visitor wheres a visitors badge for all to see clearly by children, staff and other visitors.
Ensure that the visitor is accompanied at all times and shown out of the building when leaving.
The designated person or manager must initial the visitors book once the visitor has left the building.

Mobile Phone Policy

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the designated person or management.
The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the main nursery rooms and is restricted to the staff room only.
Under no circumstances are mobile phones allowed to be used to photograph children.
Parents/carers are prohibited from using mobile phones within the nursery main rooms, should they need to take the call, direct them to the front door.
Under no circumstances are members of staff allowed to use social networking sites to discuss nursery business.

Photography Policy

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the...
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