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  • Published : August 3, 2015
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The issues of the case are Mr. Honda afraid of losing his respect and reputation. Japanese culture is appreciated with the high collective spirit. They are encouraged to work in group rather than having separate task. And they are always aware of themselves that the interactions between member’s tasks are very important. But this is also the negative of this culture in anyway. In this particular situation, after having The Book 500 English Sentences edited by John and staffs but not by Scott, Mr. Honda afraid of losing his face with not only with the education board but also with the Nishi High School staffs. As a consequence, Mr. Honda has had to make pressure to Scott to endorse the edited version of the book 500 English Sentences by the way sign his name to the book. The priorities among the issues in the bargaining mix are the issues and counterpart issues. He has made some efforts in adjusting himself to the Japanese culture and the way of life. In addition, he must also consider value and their faith while contemplating such a compromise on his integrity. However, he still has the conflicts when he lives in Japan. Japanese adhere to strict conformance in all their actions. More specifically in this case, it was conformance to Mr. Honda's approach to teaching. Scott was definitely a non-conformed to this. Consequently, Mr. Honda's position with the education board and Nishi High did make him insecure. Maybe, the case could have been different if Scott was more sensitive towards the Japanese culture of Mr. Honda was more open to new ideas and approaches. If Scott use BATNAs, that mean Scott does endorse the book, it would be compromise on his values when he is not even responsible for the situation. He is already treated as one of their own. He accepts the wrong project although he knows its faults. If Scott used walk away points, that mean Scott decides not to endorse the book, continuing to stay in Japan might not be in his best interests because he...
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