Assignment on Food & Beverage Operations

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  • Published : July 18, 2014
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Assignment on Food & Beverage Operations

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BTEC HND Hospitality Management
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April 27, 2014

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Table of Contents
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Task 1: Food and Beverage production and service systems
1.1 Characteristics of food production and Food & Beverage service system: 1.2 Food and beverage service system
1.3 Factors affecting recipes and Menu
1.4 Compare the cost and staffing implication in Food and Beverage department 1.5 Suitability of Systems of different food outlets
Task 2: Financial Control in Food and Beverage Operation
2.1 Uses of financial statements in food and beverage department 2.2 Cost and Pricing process of the hotel
2.3 Steps of Purchasing Process
Task 3: Menu for Hospitality Events
Task 4: Provide Food and Beverage services for hospitality events 4.1 Food and Beverage service plan for a wedding reception
4.2 Steps involved with service Plan
4.3 Evaluate service and Recommendations
As this is one of the most important sources to earn revenue so food and beverage operations have got great significance in hotel management and operations. Organisations in hospitality industry like hotel and resorts are paying maximum attention on food and beverage production and operations. Through this assignment several aspects associated with food and beverage department would be discussed from the view point of a food and beverage manager of a five star hotel in Manchester. After renovation food and beverage manager has been asked to review food and beverage functions of this department and along with this process food and beverage production and service system would be analysed. Proper budget and implementation of that budget would a huge challenge for the food and beverage manager of this hotel and costing and pricing would also be a challenging job after renovation. Purchasing decision would be discussed through this assignment and how those decisions could be taken for betterment of this hotel so that it can run with profitability. For this five star hotel food and beverage manager will have to manage banqueting functions and suitable menu would be essential how this menu could more effective and attractive would also be discussed through this assignment. Later on this report several issues associated with hospitality industry would be discussed such as security, health and safety and product quality and service standard. Task 1: Food and Beverage production and service systems

In contemporary hospitality management there are several aspects are associated with food production and food and beverage service system. Now in this section these aspects are being discussed in follows: 1.1 Characteristics of food production and Food & Beverage service system: Demand for Food: Demand of food is not same all over the world there is seasonality of food demand. Customers might not like to eat same food again and again. Peak times of demand of food occur during breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Between these demand times there are valleys or slow times. Competitive events could also be an influential for demand of food and based on demand food production could be modified accordingly (Defranco et al 2007). Labour intensiveness of food production and service

It is difficult to get service oriented hospitality people and this is the reason why this industry is labour intensive. Employees need training and skills for both food preparation and service. Health and safety and food and hygiene certificate must be essential for the employees of this industry. Though employees need to have proper skills but in many occasions this industry needs unskilled employees and gradually they will be skilled. Perish ability of food

Simultaneous production and consumption is one of the most important...
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