Assignment Task 1

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  • Published : May 10, 2015
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Assessment Task One: Reflective Piece

The relationship between caregiver and patient has a significant impact on treatment process. In some situations, it is difficult in communicating between the healthcare professional and the patient due to many factors such as the professional’s perceptions, reactions or heavily emotions in the patient. According to Rosenberg and Callo-Silver (2011), using therapeutic communication effectively helps to increase understanding, establish rapport and reduce stress in both the caregiver and patient. This reflective piece is based on the video vignette where the midwife has demonstrated her effectively therapeutic communication in dealing with the patient as well as patient’s family. The purpose of this reflection is to discuss some of techniques that are used during therapeutic communication. It also highlights the characteristics that I currently possess and those I need to develop, in term of self-awareness and knowledge in the profession. The scenario is about Sally, who is 35 years old and 28 weeks pregnant. She was rushed to the hospital to check her blood pressure and her baby after she lost consciousness at home as witnessed by her husband, David. On observation, she was hypertensive and there is history of stroke in the family. In order of making diagnose, Sally is required to do CT scan, which could harm the baby to check that she has a bleeding or stroke. The primarily concern of the couple was that what kind of dangerous might happen to their baby during CT scan and there is any better way to do. When the midwife came, she resolved this concern and built rapport with the couple by using efficiency therapeutic communication. The first therapeutic communication technique that the midwife used is active listening. The study points out that active listening is an important communication skill in therapeutic field leading to patient’s satisfying through understanding and caring patient’s thought and feeling (Jr., Bell,...
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