Audience Analysis Is Fundamental To The Success Of Any Message

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  • Published : June 1, 2015
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Audience analysis is fundamental to the success of any message: to capture and hold an audience’s attention and to motivate readers and listeners, you must shape your message to meet the audience’s goals, interests, and needs. It is good to gear your message to your audience in order to solicit the feedback or outcome you are looking for.  What about when your audience is diverse?  How do you structure your communication in order to address the majority?  How do you support your argument?

Their knowledge about your topic 

Their demographic factors, such as age, gender, education, income, class, marital 
status, number of children, home ownership, location 
 Their attitudes, values, and beliefs 

Their personality 

Their past behaviour 

I believe it is very important to gear the message towards the audience to get positive feedback, we all know and some of us have some experience talking in front of audience how important it is to get feedback from it. I personally believe audience analysis is key to the successful delivery of a message, to maintain the audience attention and motivate the listeners the message must be shaped to meet their interest and goals.

In order for a successful delivery of the message to a diverse audience we need to have a structure, information must be transmitted with ease and if the information transmitted to the audience is new, facts must be included. For example some audiences rely much more on personal experiences.

We can always expect some sort of objection when it comes to big audiences, but key on this is to ask yourself how to overcome these objections or maybe keep them to minimum.

In order to support your argument, it is very important to know facts and almost anything that is relevant to the topic you are writing or talking about, back up any statements and claims you are disclosing and think about the possible questions that might arise from it.

Personally I ask myself this type of...
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