Autobyografical Elements in Charles Dickens Work

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  • Published : June 11, 2013
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David Copperfield
Pk verma

David Copperfield is the most interesting and lovable character in the gallery of Charles Dickens. David comes out as a good and courageous young man fighting against odds from the very beginning and flourishing and triumphant in the end. His life is a source of inspiration to everyone. David’s courage and energy, his heroic defiance of difficulty and his lofty character fascinate us. It has been rightly said that David is a hero drawn after Dickens’ own heart not as he himself was but as he  would have wished himself to be. David is composed out of recollections and wish–fulfillments by the man of lively imagination and warm feelings, Dickens. David Copperfield is the most interesting and lovable character in the gallery of Dickens. The whole story naturally moves round his character. As we see him in the beginning, David is a slim and good–looking boy. Except the Murdstones, who are harsh towards him for their own reasons, and Creakle who takes sadistic pleasure in beating his students, everybody likes him. His personal charm and good nature won for him the affection of those who happened to meet him–nurse Peggotty, Steerforth, Pegotty, Ham, Emily, Wickfield, the Micawbers, Traddles, Agnes, Dora, Bestsy and Dick. After David’s mother had married Murdstone, he was lonely, and was forced ot pass his time alone. He naturally grew fond of reading books. Instead of going to play he used to sit and read the books in the little room upstairs. This habit was very useful to him in later life in two ways; he could easily learn shorthand and finally he became a writer. This childhood love for books remained with him all his life. David is a gifted child. He is sensitive and has a keen observation. He is very much fond of reading books right from his childhood. David never avoided labour. He worked very hard when his aunt Bestey was ruined. He worked as secretary to Dr. Strong and at the same time studied shorthand and worked as a...
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