Benefits I can get from public speaking

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  • Published : October 7, 2013
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For centuries people used public speaking to convey their idea to others, as it title states – it is about to make your opinion public, persuade people and share your thoughts with them whenever it is needed. The main and vital idea in this case is that not everybody is born with essential talent of public speaking and I believe that it is possible to acquire such skills with some practice and good feedback. One of the benefits of learning public speaking is that you start to understand yourself better, because public speaking encourage you to define your own and specific opinion on ideas of great importance and try to deliver it to other people, being polite, responsive and original. In this unusual way public speaking can help to discover unknown inner values and help to develop as a person, as far as it stimulate to read additional literature or talk to various people. What is more, public speaking is a significant skill for civil engagement. It is a way to have an impact on issues that matter in society. As a form of empowerment it often makes a difference in things people care about mostly. This is what most of us want to do in life – to make a difference, to change the world at least a little bit. Public speaking offers us an opportunity to make a difference in something we care about very much. To add, I believe that public speaking can help to deal with nervousness, not eliminate it, because people are nervous all the time even if we do not see it, but actually deal with it and handle it in a positive way. When you nervousness is transformed to positive one – enthusiastic, lively feeling, it is still nervousness, but it feels different; it is because you are no longer victimized by it, instead, you are vitalized by it. To sum up, I believe that public speaking can benefit one’s life in a different way and help to deliver formidable speeches in front of different audiences. We should only try and not be afraid to develop.
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