Biography of Bruce Dawe

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  • Published : October 21, 2013
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Biography of Bruce Dawe, a Poet of Urban Australia.
Bruce Dawe was born in Geelong, Victoria, in 1930. He is married with four children. He has worked in a wide variety of jobs and occupations such as a labourer, gardener, postman, in the Royal Australian Air Force for nine years, and as a senior lecturer in English Literature. He has won a number of awards for his poetry. Dawe has said of his own poetry that his themes are common ones: modern civilization, loneliness, old age, death, commercialism and love. His poems capture and reflect on common experiences of living in suburban and urban Australia. Some of his poems are parodies of the Australian lifestyle which make gentle fun of us. Dawe likes to write in the form of a dramatic monologue. His characters tend to be soldiers and the inhabitants of the suburbs and small towns. These characters are shown through Dawe’s use of authentic Australian language and through the character’s interest and problems. He often exposes their weaknesses but shows sympathy for them and their condition. Dawe’s poetry is often laconic and humorous and on occasion satirical. Definitions:

Dramatic Monologue- a poetic form in which a single character, addressing a silent auditor at a critical moment, reveals himself or herself and the dramatic situation. Laconic- using very few words

Satire- critics the follies and foibles (weaknesses) of people, governments and/or institutions; It often contains irony, parody, sarcasm, humour and exaggeration) Urban- the city
Authentic- not false or copied
Parody-a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing Expose-to reveal
Suburban- the country
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