Bose's Noise Cancellation Headphones: Ad Analysis

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  • Published : January 25, 2014
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The advertisement I chose was the “Bose, Noise Cancellation Headphones”. The purpose of the ad was to stimulate viewer to purchase the product. The general feel of this advertisement is witty and funny. The target audience was people who intend to buy headphones and anyone who have a sense of humour. The mood this ad creates is one of humour; this is achieved through a certain peculiar atmosphere due to the extreme hyperbole. This was created though Bose’s uses of the popularity and the loudness of Niagara Falls to show the effectiveness of the product. Bose decides use the background as an effective way to emphasize the person. Furthermore, the colors Bose chose to use were very relaxing colors. Colors such as white and blue are extremely soothing to the eye, which can help make the advertisement more appealing. In addition to the light colouring, Bose decided to make the waterfall covered with white fog, furthermore putting emphasis on the light colouring. The only person on the ad was a middle age Caucasian male. It appears he is rowing a boat down Niagara Falls. I believe they put a Caucasian male in this ad because of media influences. As I learned from the Barbie lesson, Caucasian features are deemed more “aesthetic” and thus are more generally accepted in advertisements. The target audience might be targeted towards insecure people who wish to achieve this level of “aesthetics”. Furthermore, the target audience can also be targeted toward already “aesthetic” people, who are just trying to justify their good looks. If you look at the top right corner, there is the miniature size Bose logo. It symbolizes the effect of a noise cancellation headphone. If you look carefully, the words “Bose, Bose, Bose”, gradually gets smaller until you are unable to see the logo anymore. This was similar to the effects of a noise cancellation headphone, which cancels out sound when you turn the “on/off” button. It is effective in informing the audience that Bose pays...
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