Boy Girl Wall

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  • Published : March 17, 2015
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Boy girl wall is a play by Australian playwrights Matthew Ryan and Lucas Stibbard. It was first produced by The Escapists for Metro Arts Independents, Brisbane. It is a comedy about the unfortunate dealings of Thom and Alethea, two adults that live in the same apartment building, trying desperately to keep their lives from falling apart. With the use of chalk, an overhead projector and sock puppets, boy girl wall shows many different elements and principles of drama in many moments in the play, such as; when Thom and Alethea meet at the end, When the days of the week are being introduced to the audience, and when the narrator (Lucas Stibbard) introduces the audience to the characters with the use of chalk in a very confusing use of math. Lighting, mood, space and tension are used in this moment when Thom and Alethea finally meet in the hallway between their apartments. Lighting is used to create mood when all the lights dim and the focus of the play is forced upon the characters. Tension of relationship is used with the “will they, wont they” mood between both Thom and Alethea. Finally, while it is a one man show, space is used when Thom and Alethea, meet in the hallway with the narrator jumping between both the characters. The use of space is also used when the narrator introduces the days of the week to the audience. Lighting is a key factor in the creation of the dramatic elements in this moment. With the use of chalk, the narrator has made it easy to see what character he is playing when he stands on the different days of the week. The personification of the days of the week is a large reason the days can be made into characters, with such days being lazy and lethargic like Monday and Tuesday, or Friday being made into the character of a bogan party animal. With the use of chalk and lighting, the contrast of the stage is used well with the light spots where the narrator stands and the rest of the space being in darkness. The last moment that will be covered...
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