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  • Published : September 23, 2013
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Most people believe cyber bulling isn't a big deal, so they don't believe in fighting for the cause of deleting cyber bullying. However, it is as bad as physical bullying. It can also be the worst type of bulling. When you are physically bullied in public, there are people around to stand up for you. However, online, people are meaner because they are able to hide behind their computer screens miles away from you. They don't see how their actions affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Therefore, they sometimes are willing to bully you even harder than they would if they were physically bulling you. Because cyber bullying takes place on the internet, which makes the world around you much smaller, someone dedicated to bullying can convince others to bully one defenseless person. Another reason cyber bulling can be the worst type of bullying is because most older administrators aren't internet savvy and won't be able to comprehend your problem well enough to handle it the best way possible. Also they don't think that it's their job to handle issues that started online, thus leaving you defenseless. While on the other hand, most administrators and grownups think "It's just a part of being a kid". That quote is from many parents and administrators that don't won't to take responsibility and be proactive at preventing suicides. They are blind to or knowingly ignoring the fact that more than fifty percent of suicides are linked to a form of bullying and suicide rates steadily increase yearly.

Being someone who ignores the signs and don't try to help is as worse as being a bully that causes the suicides. If you think about it, most victims are bullied for months, showing that they can bare it. However, when they notice no one is going to help and/or stand up for them any time soon, they accept their fate of being bullied the rest of their life and would rather kill themselves. Their last thoughts are probably hatred towards the grownups around them...
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