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  • Published : December 15, 2013
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The article I chose for the review is Addressing Abuse, Harassment and Bullying in Sports. Athletes must feel safe and comfortable in their training setting in order to gain the most benefit from the program. The role of the Strength and Conditioning coach is to make that for the athletes. All facilities should have a Policies and Procedures Manual in open sight. It must include emergency action plan for each sport or activity, guidelines regarding prevention and reporting of abuse. It should be clear of the codes of practice, education and training opportunities to everyone that wants to know. Coaches need to find way to have practice and keep students "space". One of the best ways to allow the athlete to remain comfortable at the training environment is to use auditory cues and there will be no physical contact with the athletes.

Coaches should have activities that aim for the growing of strong partnerships with parents who assist in preventing and reporting abuse. Coaches and athletes are also always educated on abuse prevention whether it be physical, sexual, emotional, or negligent ill-treatment it will be suspected and reported. The coaches should also create a positive environment for the athletes in the training session and out of it. Coaches also need to give the athletes positive feedback. According to the Inter-Assosication Task Force on Preventing Sudden Death in Collegiate Condition Sessions says that physical activity should never be a punishment. Athletes are not going to grow if they are giving negative feedback everyday. If athletes report abuse, harassment or bullying the coaches should not take matters into their own hands. Everything needs to also be documented.

I feel that everything in the paragraph above it all important facts. Athletes can't be scared or hate going to practice a sport they love. Every sport now-a-days it feels like everything is about winning. You need to have fun and have a fun atmosphere before you can win as a...
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