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  • Published : November 9, 2014
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Taliana Rosario
Formal Journal #3
ENG 111
Ms. A

Disability Bullying

It happens all over the world. Some cases of this can go global, or even unnoticed. Regardless it is wrong, its inhumane, and someone need’s to put an end to this. Bullying has become a common problem for people with disabilities, with verbal bullying the most prevalent. Bullying affects everyone involved and no one comes out to be the winner. Even the bully is a victim. Anyone can be a bully and may not even realize it. Bullying can be physical or mental and can occur over the Internet, when the bully and the victim are not even in the same place. By creating an environment that promotes respect and acceptance, bullying can stop.

Why are disabled victims targeted for bullying? The bully gets a sense of power over the victim, to make the bully look & feel better to their peers, because it is expected of them to be part of the "in click/group", the victim may refuse to conform to the bullies wishes, and the bully often has self esteem & feelings of inadequacy issues, some have been bullied themselves. Some people are very insecure and selfish. They don't understand the point of someone that has a disability sometimes or they need a reason to feel good about themselves. Bullies, often target people who are weak or cannot defend themselves, because this makes them feel big and bad. Some victims have been bullied so often that they become immune to it and stop recognizing it for what it is. Or maybe they fear that if they reach out for help, something will happen again.

Everyone is a bully at some point in there life. Let’s put a stop to it now, our parents gave us a life and this was not meant to be mean to others but to help them. If we can all come together and stop bullying, this will end and lives will be saved. One person can be a bully and it can start a chain reaction that is negative, so let’s start a positive chain reaction by showing support to victims of bullies. This...
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