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  • Published : January 20, 2015
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Deilyn Nelson
Dr. Ryals
ENC 1101
October 13, 2014
Courage and Strength
As many of us develop, we may be able to identify those moments when some experience altered our development, or enabled us to view our environment in a different light. These experiences may have been critical in our lives, and have possibly shaped the type of adults we are now, and how we may be in the future. Personally, the experience that molded me into the adult that I am today was a negative experience. It was an experience that was spawned out of jealousy, hatred, rage, and sadness. As I reflect upon this life changing moment, I can’t help but feel as though I am transported back in time as that fearful, timid child dealing with the sorrows of others, and coping with the pain they bestowed upon me. It all began in my hometown Vallejo, California, a small city not far from San Francisco. As a young child, I enjoyed most of my youth and loved attending school. My naivety of the negativity around me did not enable me to see the issues within my own city. Vallejo was bankrupt, and continues to face great financial issues. The city’s monetary problems meant the educational system, and the people, suffered greatly. A flourishing city that once seemed promising turned bleak. I witnessed more families struggle, and the poverty rate increase. For me, I experienced the changed within the educational system. The teachers became overworked, unappreciated, and underpaid. Many of the instructors became detached from their students. Their sole teaching goal was to calm down an overpopulated room full of rowdy students, so they wouldn’t become overwhelmed by the screams and sorrows of the children. Even though the students’ boorish behavior became overwhelming, their “crying for help attitude” surely went unnoticed. As the city and the people changed, I noticed the struggles many of my peers faced. Many of my young friends went hungry, homeless, or were submersed in an unstable...
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