Bullying: Abuse and People

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  • Published : December 12, 2013
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Big Question Essay
Ever since the beginning of the human race, individuals have felt a need to overpower others. They accomplish this through bullying and harassing other people. My question is what causes people to want power over other people? Is it human nature or are we conditioned this way? I think their behavior is based on how they were raised and their environment, not by the type of day they are having.

Bullying is making “purposeful attempts to control another person through verbal and physical threats that the victim does not want” (sample 1). There are many forms of bullying. They include rumors, gossiping, name-calling, stealing, physical abuse, and damaging property (sample 2). I do not think people are born to act this way. I fully believe that people are conditioned. The book “Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass” (sample 3) was about Douglass and his life story dealing with slavery. Now in the story he goes through many different slave owners. They weren’t all bad. The harsh young owners who weren’t very nice to their slaves usually had an older family member who was harsh to their slaves and the young owners used the older owners as examples. When harsh slave owners had kids the kids were most likely awful toward their slaves. This is just one example of how environment can influence the want of power over other people. Some other things people think cause bullying are: being surrounded by a culture that bases its values around power; being at an institution that has low standards for how people treat each other; more social recognition for negative behavior; families that are not warm and loving; children that experience social rejection; and having too much power and letting it get to your head (sample 1). All of these could be factors, however, I think the main cause of bullying is based on the standards set by family and friends. In psychology you learn about the critical period which is when children mirror and learn the...
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