Bullying and Big Issue

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  • Published : October 4, 2013
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Yaser Alzuwayed

There is a huge problem that is common in school today. It is a big issue that has spread to schoolchildren, and it may cause a serious problem in the future, which bullying. Childhood bullying is now become dangers for everyone. Victim of bullying might have serious problem in their adulthood. There 3 main consequence for these victims of bullying, mental problems, problem with confidence, and education and job problem.

The first consequence is that bullied children might have mental problem when they grown up. Its seem that victim of bullying will get a problem with others. Victims of bullying might use violence in victims’ relationship in the future. The main reasons of this act, because that victims think every one around him/her will hurt and do things. Bad. Therefore, victims if bullying might have to take revenge from their bad history of bullying with other in future, to do what other people did to them. The second consequence is that victims of bullying might face is problem with confidence. For example, if a teenage boy get bullied from his classmate or his close friends. Telling him that he is, nothing, nobody care about you, and you don’t deserve to live. This boy will face that is truth. So he will lack in confidence. That’s victims of bullying might feel weak to talk or face the society. There, some victims of bullying might commit suicide, because they convince them selves that they are nothing and worthless in this life. The last consequence for victims of bullying is that they could have education and job problem. Victims of bullying think different when they grow up, because they might face problem with learning in collage or not doing well in their jobs. The reason is that victims of bullying might have a hard time trusting people in school or jobs. For example, when a bullied person goes out with someone to anyplace, he/she will be afraid that they well hurt this victim. Therefor, they cannot have many...
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