Bullying and Family Reading Book

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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"you are so ugly. I don't understand why you bother coming to school everyday when no one wants to look a your greasy,fat A*s. You are such a loser. You should do us all a favor and kill yourself. EVERYBODY HATES YOU!" Really? tell me how you honestly feel. Oh,wait you just told the whole world because its on Facebook. Cyber Bullying uses technogy to harass,threate,embarrass, or target a person. This can be email,text,status,photos, or fake pages. Cyber bulling is anything you dont want put online. Cyber bulling is something kids do/deals with everyday. You can't get on facebook anymore without seeing someone putting a photo, a statusor a comment about someone they don't "LIKE" today. And some of the cyber billying you don't see because its in a email, a text or some place that you can only see if you are the person that it was sent to or the person that sent it. Cyber bullying is something that happens to much now days. It is starting to become kids "normal". Its becoming the "normal" because it happens so much. Everytime a kid logson to FACEBOOK you can see someonr getting Cyberbullyied. Or you maybe the one getting cyber bullyied. Only 1 in 10 victims will ignore it. 84% have seen others tell cyber bullies to stop. The signs of cyber bullying can be easily noticied or totally absent. some kids withdrawal from the thing they enjoy, like hangout with friends being with family reading book and so on. Other signs are grades slipping. Kids that are into sports might withdrawal from playing.It depends on the child and parents awwerss. Says (Cyber-bullying-facts.com). Girls usually cyber bully in groups. 38% of online girl report being billies compored to 26% of boys. How can parents or teachers help a kid that has is or well be cyber bullied. They both can let the child they are there for them. They can talk to them, Parenet could let a teacher know so as a teacher they could know, and maybe the teacher could talk to both kids if they are students at the...
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