Bullying and Girls

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  • Published : October 11, 2013
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Jane Doe
Ms. Lee
May 19, 2012

Are girls mean to each other? Well I think so, girls have many ways to taunt or tease other girls. They can scare, fight and exclude. These things can cause physical harm and even health problems to the victims of this bullying.

Girls bully for many different reasons. “Feeling insecure can be a big reason” said Irene Helen Zundel http://www.eduguide.org/library/viewarticle/2118/. Girls feel insecure and instead of doing harmful acts on themselves they do it to others. Girls can be insecure because they have problems at home, or are victims of bullying themselves. Another reason why girls might be mean to each other is because they want to be popular, or fit in to get attention. Getting attention is very important to some girls and would do anything to get it. Many girls believe doing mean and harmful things to others is okay and to their benefit. Many girls also bully because the women in their lives influence them. Mothers are role models to their daughters. As a child or teenager, you learn things from observing the elders in your life. Girls that are mean to each other can also just have personal problems. They might have problems at home, and are angry and tend to release the anger on others. These girls can be depressed and by them trying to release stress they are bullying others.

How do girls bully? Well it depends on the girl, and the situation. Some girls often don’t resort to physical violence right away. They use other tactics such as verbal assaults. Girls can be very cruel, especially with their words. They call each other names and talk bad about each other behind their backs. Girls can also start rumors about each other to embarrass and be mean to each other. Another way girls are mean to each other is that they can exclude. “Science is beginning to prove that feeling or being excluded can cause the same sensation in a pain center of the brain as an actual physical injury”, said lead author Eric...
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