Bullying effects on education

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  • Published : December 17, 2014
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Cheyenne Lopez
Kathleen Nguyen
EDCI 2030-03
December 5th, 2014
Bullying: Effects on Education
We chose to do our final project and paper on bullying and its effect on students and their education. Bullying is a huge problem that presses our nation and is sometimes an issue that people try to avoid dealing with. We chose this topic because bullying is a concern that almost every student faces at some time throughout his or her schooling. Bullying not only happens to students in schools, but it is also a problem that some people face on a day to day basis whether it is at work, home, in a public setting, or at school. Another reason we chose to look into this topic is because some students, or even adults, do not realize that their actions are in fact, bullying. We wanted to take a chance to help inform people on a very dark problem.

Bullying can come in many different forms. There are six main categories of bullying which are; physical bullying, verbal bullying, stealing or damaging of items, cyber bullying, sexual harassment, and or racial discrimination. A lot of students partake in these actions and do not even realize they are bullying someone. Bullying happens every day in schools, and one in seven students in grade K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying. Bullying can turn students into lethal violence in the schools, and this makes the school environment dangerous and fearful. An astonishing amount of 15% of all absenteeism is directly related to fears of being bullied in school. I think this is a terrible thing! Schools should not be a place that students feel they have to fear their safety. School is intended to be a safe and fun learning environment, and I think we should all strive to make this possible!

We went out and collected data to support our topic and gather information. We collected our data in two different ways. An online survey created through Survey Monkey was sent out to Merryville High School, a public school K-12. This survey was designed for the teachers and staff of the school, in order to get a perspective on bullying from a faculty viewpoint. Another method of collecting data we used was sending out an anonymous survey to three high school classes at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. We chose to use this methodology to gather information because we felt this would give us an opportunity to get feedback from different perspectives on the issue at hand. The students’ and the teachers’ opinions are both equally important on the question of education being effected by bullying.

The survey sent out to the teachers of Merryville was online. 72% of the responders had been working at the school for 10 or more years, which means they have significant experience in a school setting and environment. Throughout all the questions asked, two themes were reoccurring. One common theme was that bullying mostly occurred in places with less supervision. When specifically asked to rank the locations where bullying has been seen at, the top three with the highest frequency were hallways, school busses, and playgrounds. Obviously, these three locations are places that the students to teacher ratio are largely disproportionate. In these settings there are far more students than supervising adults, which seems to be why they are such “hotspots” for bullying to occur. Another interesting outcome was the forms of bullying that are most common. After compiling all the teachers’ responses, we found that verbal bullying was the form of bullying most often used. Closely following verbal bullying were damaging and stealing of others property and physical bullying. Both of these themes of places for and types of bullying were consistent throughout all the surveys taken by Merryville’s faculty.

When asked to describe situations they have seen in which bullying effected a child education, we got some alarming replies. Most all the teacher agreed that when a student is bullied he or she will...
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