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  • Published : November 8, 2014
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One would assume in this day and age, that bulling only occurs at schools or in the workplace. It is often thought that bullying is a child's practice and is only found in school yards among children. A lot of times it takes place in our homes, by people who are supposed to love us. Bullying does not have to occur from child to child or co-worker to co-worker. Nick Clegg from The Telegraph Online was quoted as saying, “Suffering at the hands of people who are meant to care for you is horrific at any age. But it can be especially damaging for young people—the scars can last a lifetime” (19 September 2013). Bullying can be considered emotional or verbal abuse. This kind of abuse can leave deep scars that can last forever. Emotional abuse can be detrimental to a person of any age, sex, race, etc. Abuse does not discriminate. Some forms of bullying can be those of alienation or isolation from friends and family. Bullying, no matter the type, should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

Truth be told, I have been bullied a great deal in my life. I have experienced more bullying, and abuse, than anyone should ever have to experience, ever. My stepfather sexually abused me and my mother allowed it to happen. I learned to live in my head most days. Most of my life, I felt like a marionette doll. Whichever strings people would pull, I would follow. The psychological and physical abuse was excruciating. I had a hard time in school, troubles with weight gain (which led to bullying in school). Due to the abuse I was rebellious, and fell into a pit of depression, I never thought I'd recover. I felt enslaved in my own mind as a child and young adult.

A few years ago, my ex-husband Mark, involved himself with methamphetamine, one of the worst drugs you could introduce yourself too. Drugs transformed him into a heartless bully. The vulgar language he used towards me was hurtful and degrading. He made me feel lower than low most days. Mark's mood swings were rapid and the paranoia was dangerous. Mark always had bats or swords available wherever he was. He felt threatened by the voices he thought he was hearing and I felt Mark was jeopardizing our safety by his radical behavior. He actually duct taped all the vents in the ceiling, and outlets because he was delusional. He viciously stabbed the blade of his sword thru the ceiling multiple time; he believed people were stocking him in the attic. All of these traumatizing things caused us an enormous amount of stress and heart ache. Due to the bullying I endured as a child, and now the emotional and physical abuse I was living in with my husband, I was emotionally, physically, and mentally wiped out.

Mark was, and still is, a master manipulator. He preyed on my emotions. I loved him so much that I was blinded by his so called love. Looking back on things I did for him because I fell victim to his emotional bullying makes me feel stupid. I allowed him to do things like, move him and his girlfriend in our home for two months. He actually convinced me he still loved me, and she was just a friend. I paid for everything, for them. I provided a roof over their heads, I fed them, they used my washer and dryer, I took care of his girlfriend's animals, and all the while he was playing me. His mind games were destructive on my soul. When I would get upset, he actually managed to make me feel guilty, and twist things around to take the heat off of him. I would feel as though I was going crazy, and I was in the wrong. I would feel very remorseful for getting upset and confronting him about my frustrations. Now that he is no longer a part of my life, I am able to see just how much I was used as a door mat. If Mark could get paid for manipulating people, he would be a billionaire.

Over the twelve year relationship, Mark managed to isolate me from all my friends and family. I was so naive; I did not realize what was...
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