Bullying Essay Rough Draft

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  • Published : March 4, 2015
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Bullying Essay Rough Draft
Schools are not spending an unnecessary amount of time addressing the issue of bullying. People should continually be bringing awareness to this issue as it has caused suicide for many young students. There are very many concepts of bullying that school administrators should be spending enough time talking about to ensure the safety of all children in the school. Students should be brought to the attention of the issues surrounding bullying. Many students do not know what to do if another person insults, harasses or physically hurts them. In this case, students should be thoroughly informed about bullying scenarios that occur in the school, what to do about the situation, different types of bullying, how to minimize it, and how to help others who are struggling. In the article New Inclusive Approach Helps School Fight Bullying, a school in Chicago fights bullying by making a music video staring a boy who has been a victim of bullying himself. The school was inspired by the music video and learns the concept of respect and being constantly rewarded for good behavior and simple acts of kindness have also made a difference. Bullying lasts into adulthood. This is a reason why bullying should be stopped with a necessary amount of time to address the issue. Bullies and their victims are more likely to experience psychiatric problems than their peers who were not exposed to bullying in their childhood. In the article, Effects of Bullying Last into Adulthood, 1,420 people from Western North Carolina were assessed many times between the ages of 9 and 16. They were formed into four groups based on their own history of bullies, victims, bullies who were also victims, and those who were not exposed to bullying at all. After being assessed, the scientists came to a conclusion that bullies were more likely to have suicidal thought and development of agoraphobia than their counterparts who have not been exposed to bullying. Some people...
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