Bullying in Schools in Singapore

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  • Published : February 1, 2014
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Bullying in Singapore Schools

1. Introduction
Bullying occurs when a person or a group of people shows aggressive behavior towards another by physically or emotionally hurting them, or forcing them to do something against their will. As stated in the Singapore parenting magazine “The Asian Parent Singapore Edition”, a 2006 survey conducted by the Harvest Centre for Research, Training and Development and the Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth, shows that in Singapore bullying can occur among children who are as young as pre-school students. Out of the 4000 Singaporean students surveyed, 70% reported to have experienced one or more forms of bullying while attending school. (Wong, 2011). According to its Washington-based executive editor Parry Aftab, who has “been to Singapore and seen how well-behaved the children are”, the statistics that resulted from the conducted survey were extremely appalling. While bullying cases in Singapore are not as vicious and severe as in other countries such as in the United States, it is still an important social issue that should not be left disregarded.

This paper aims to raise an awareness of the bullying issues in kindergarten and primary schools in Singapore. It will cover the causes of bullying, the effects it has on the victims and the bullies themselves, and the solutions for parents to prevent the rise of bullying in schools in Singapore.

2. Causes of bullying
Many factors contribute as causes of bullying. The most prominent ones are family problems, social issues and personal history.

2.1Firstly, the family and home environment of young children greatly affect how their behaviours outside will be like. Families that lack affection and focus on control and superiority tend to produce more children who become bullies. There are also cases when children who bully experience abuse in their own homes from parents and their siblings. This in turn cause them to have a built-up of aggression which...
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