bullying in the work place

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  • Published : November 16, 2013
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For many people bullying is a problem that just happens at school. What this people don’t know is that bullying is a social problem found everywhere, including the workplace. It may surprise you that most bullies in the workplace are bosses and their victims are most of the time those hard workers that are responsible and respectable employees. I realized when reading the scholarly journal “Workplace bullying: costly and preventable” by the Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin Vol.77. No.2 I was being bullying years ago in my workplace and this reading change my viewpoint by making me aware of the problem and wanting to help others going through this. Firstly this article changes my perspective of bullying because at the time when I myself lived it, I didn’t recognize it as a bullying workplace problem. It’s very unfair that supervisors abuse their power of authority by treating their employees with impunity making their workplace very unstable environment. Employees under workplace bullying can be psychologically affected as well as physically creating another handicapped for the employee under this conditions. These hard workers employees don’t deserve to be mistreated just because their bosses perceive them as a threat to their position. Because I went through this I have zero tolerance and want to make the difference. Secondly bullying has influence me so much that is I ever go back to work as a Human Resources Specialist I want to create a severe policy on it and give seminars on this topic. It is very important to make employees aware of this manner so they can either identify themselves or help others. When I was going through this at work I couldn’t identified because for me was normal that the boss had the authority and control so he or she could do whatever they wanted to you, therefore, I want to make very clear to the employees that is not true and they are entitled to be treated with respect. In conclusion now that I have become aware of the type...
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