Bullying Research Paper

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  • Published : July 29, 2013
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English Period 4Megan Kuchinksy
Rough Draft

Bullying is a major problem in today’s society that can cause physical and/or emotional pain. Bullying is most common among school children. Bullying can be something that may seem small, like starting a lie about a peer, but it can lead up to and be as serious as physically harming someone. Often times the bully may think of this as a joke, but if the other person isn’t laughing, it’s not a joke. (Winkler) Typically, when a child is bullied nothing is done about it because the victim normally doesn’t report it. A study shows that only about one-third of victims report being bullied, and this is usually only after recurring incidents or physical harm. (Goodwin) There is an organization called Roots of Empathy in which a parent and an infant visit classrooms to interact with students and help them acquire perspective taking skills that allow them to gain insight into how others feel and develop a sense of responsibility for each other. Bullying is a serious problem in today’s society and the Roots of Empathy program is the best way to combat this problem. Bullying is intentional aggressive behavior towards someone who doesn’t deserve to be treated in such manner. In a survey done by The Youth Voice Project, 13,000 students in grades 5-12 during the academic year of 2009-2010 were asked multiple questions. It was found that just under 3,000 of these students had admitted to being hit, threatened, hurt emotionally, or stopped from having friends at least twice in the past month. (Davis, Nixon). Bullying has negative effects on both the victim and even the bully. Victims of bullying have low self confidence. According to Bryan Goodwin, “Teachers and administrators typically only see about four percent of bullying incidents” (Goodwin). It’s hard to deal with being bullied alone, and it’s even harder when nothing’s being done about it. “Teachers and school principles underestimate the amount of bullying in...
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