Bullying: Sadistic Pleasure?

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  • Published : January 9, 2014
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Bullying: Sadistic Pleasure?
Have you been humiliated, hurt and made fun of by other people? Have they been abusing your negligence to their actions? Have you been bullied? Or were you the one who bullied? H. No. 5496 (Anti-Bullying Act of 2012): An act requiring all elementary and secondary schools to adopt policies to prevent and address the acts of bullying in their institutions. Sadism, pleasure taken from inflicting pain on others, may lead to Sadistic Personality Disorder which is a mental deficiency. This disorder is characterized by cruel, aggressive, manipulative, and demeaning behavior directed towards others. Abusiveness and violence are common in the sadist's social relationships, because the sadist lacks concern for people and derives pleasure from harming or humiliating others. Bullying had become rampant before the anti-bullying law was signed. Almost every day, could we hear news about a student dead because of bullying. Truthfully speaking, thanks to that law, bullying has amazingly lessened faster than expected. Though the question still lingers in our minds: what is the true meaning of bullying? As the popular statement goes, ‘bullies are cowards.’ Therefore, we formulate the meaning of bullying as an act of hiding one’s cowardice through inflicting pain on others. Are bullies just desperate attention-seekers or do they already have a mental disorder? According to a new study, scientists showed violent videos to 8 "unusually aggressive" 16-18 year old boys and eight "normal" boys of the same age while studying their brain activity. According to ABC News, "While both groups showed activity in the brain's pain centers, the brains of aggressive males, those with conduct disorder, also showed activity in the brain's pleasure centers, suggesting that they may have been enjoying what they were seeing.” Their indifference or even enjoyment to seeing pain shows that this is in fact a neurological disorder since not all brains function similarly. A...
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