Bullying: A Modern Day Problem

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  • Published : September 22, 2013
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Bullying, a modern day problem
One in every seven students in Grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying.(National Statistics of Bullying in Schools) Bullying is a physical or psychological abuse mainly among children that is often repeated and creates a cycle that may cause serious lasting problems to the victim and the accuser. Bullying is a serious problem in schools all across America and it is having a negative impact in children; targets and aggressors; physically and psychologically. Victims and abusers alike have an under satisfactory academic profile due to bullying. It is imperative to address this problem fast and efficiently to stop or minimize the damages that this problem is causing to the youth. There are certain personality traits in children that make them more likely to engage in harassing others or become targets. Parents should pay close attention to these traits in their children to act quickly in the case they are becoming more pronounced, therefore they will have time to act and prevent their children from being victims or victimizers. Nowadays with advances in technology and social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.), bullying in schools often leads to cyber bullying, which it makes it more difficult for the victims to escape their victimizers, causing a deeper psychologically impact on targets. The consequences of bullying and cyber bullying can be quite devastating and the foot prints that are left behind may hunt an individual into adulthood, causing these people problems with the law or difficulty to develop a productive part of society.(Knox) Appropriate measures should be taken to stop this problem in schools. Policies and rules must be implemented, parents should get involved, and school staff together with students should be educated about the dangers of bullying. Bullying causes serious psychological and physical damages, mainly to the victims, but also harassers may be impact without even realizing. One consequence of these damages is that targets may avoid due to fear of being victimized at school grounds, which also leads to a poor academic performance lowering their GPAs which is counterproductive for these children in the near future. Bullies also have shown to do poorly in school due to the fact they are more worried about bullying others than focusing on school work. One of the main and more disturbing effects of bullying is depression. Depression leads to several problems in an individual. One of these problems is that a child may become introversive, have low self-esteem and find it very difficult to socialize which can have negative effects when this child becomes an adult and tries to be a part of society. People with low self-esteem have a hard time integrating themselves in the work force and being productive. Another problem with depression and the more serious one is that it may lead to suicide combined with other factors. A child that suffers from depression and is being bullied at school and then continues being bullied at home through social media may drive the child to take his/her own life.(stopbullying.gov) Amanda Todd is a good example of this problem. She was a fifteen year old Canadian teenager who was bullied for “flashing” an unknown person online through a chat room and, this person took pictures of her and tried to blackmail her, when this failed, he sent these photographs to many students at her high school which resulted in Amanda losing all her friends and being taunted by many, and physically assaulted to the point she had to move to another city and change schools. But rumors spread and hunted her to her new school and the bullying started again which lead Amanda to post a desperate video online on the popular page YouTube called "My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self-harm". Shortly after she took her own life due to the severe depression she was suffering from. (Amanda Todd: Bullied Canadian teen commits suicide)...
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