Bullying: A Rule to be Broken or a Crime to be Commited?

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  • Published : February 4, 2014
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In the last decade, bullying has become a growing problem in children and young adults. What is bullying? Bullying can be defined as the repeated, aggressive behavior intended to hurt another person, physically or mentally. Generally, it stems from an imbalance of power. For example, the person with “more power,” socially, physically, or emotionally, bullies a person who is weaker than he or she perceives themselves to be. It can cause distrust, depression, and even suicide in its victims. Why isn’t something being done to decrease bullying? Should there be a national law against bullying? Before this question can be answered, let us examine the different types of bullying, the effects of bullying on victims, and what is being done to prevent bullying.

First, there are four basic types of bullying: physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber. Physical bullying is the most common type. The “bully” tries to physically harm the victim by pushing, kicking, and punching them to instill fear. Verbal bullying, on the other hand, tries to break the victim’s self image through words of criticism and humiliation, usually in front if others. Next, emotional bullying is a more subtle approach. This is when a person has others to ostracize, or isolate the victim, making them feel that they are all alone in the world. Last, but not least, cyber bullying is a type of bullying that is on an upward spiral. This type of bullying is uses instant messaging, Facebook, text messages, and the internet to embarrass, and humiliate others. It is especially popular in teens.

Furthermore, how do these types of bullying affect the victim? ALL bullying, whether verbal, physical, emotional or cyber instills fear in the victim. The person that is being bullied is constantly wondering where the next punch, punch line, insult, or assault is going to happen. Because the victim lives in fear, they eventually become ostracized, alone and hurting. When this happens, depression...
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