Buried Onions

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  • Published : February 14, 2014
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Buried Onions
Independent Investigation

A. Complete the activities as you read Buried Onions. These activities will help you to THINK about what you are reading and interact with the text. B. Write neatly.
C. Number and label each element to provide organization.
D. One page (in your journal for each activity).

1. Setting: Describe an element from the chapter that relates, supports, states, or implies the time period of the novel, this might include the time or place. 2. Vocabulary: Select one word from the chapter that is challenging. Identify the chapter, page number, and three textual synonyms. Create a meaningful sentence for each word and draw a picture or explain a personal relationship you have with the word. 3. Conflict: Identify and explain a source of conflict from an Act. Consider if and how it is resolved in the Act. 4. Characterization: Which character is more influential in the play? Explain how this character’s traits make them influential or powerful. 5. Infer: Discover something that is not actually written in the text. Use the clues that Arthur Miller provides to discover important information. 6. Literary Technique: Identify a technique used by the author to make the story more memorable or effective. (Simile, metaphor, personification, repetition, parallelism, dialogue, hyperbole, understatement, symbolism, irony, sarcasm, connotation, etc.) 7. Evaluate: Make a judgment about something you read in the Act such as a character, an event, the dialogue, etc. 8. Connection: think about what the chapter reminds you of. Connect the chapter with something in life, literature, or the media. 9. Theme: Comment on what you feel is the overall theme (or message) of the play. Explain. 10. Key Episode: Explain the main episode in the Act.
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