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  • Published : August 1, 2013
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Business and Management IA
How should “Honey money Top” which was the popular store in Greater noida , change its marketing plan in order to deal with renewed competition in the neighborhood?

Name: Rizwan Jaffar
Total Word count ( without appendix and Bibliography) : 1997 Candidate Number : 006382-003
School : Pathways School Noida
School Number : 006382

Research Proposal
Research Question:
How should “Honey money Top” which was the popular store in Greater noida , change its marketing plan in order to deal with renewed competition in the neighborhood?

The supermarket Honey money top is a well established as it has been building trust and faith since the past 14 years , which has been the reason for their consistent growth. and well known super market . With the arrivals of new super markets such as Reliance super is a new introduction into the market, in comparison Reliance fresh has a great popularity and reputation by having 560 outlets across the country. This results in new competition for honey money top , and I would be talking about why competition is good for a firm and its advantages overall. Honey money has to consider some changes regarding its marketing plan in specific if it wants to stay competitive and ahead of the other supermarkets and maintain its reputation and status.

Theoretical framework:
With a reputed well known name such as reliance into the competition honey money has to consider the 4 aspects of the marketing mix: product , price , place and promotion. It’s the new changes and innovative methods and ideas which will keep honey money top superior than its competitors. With the main focus on the marketing mix, on the large scale it’s a complete SWOT analysis of honey money top regarding its marketing mix and what it can change. Porters five forces analysis will give an idea of all the factors and the nature of competition for honey money top. The creation and usage of a questionnaire will give the point of views of the customers. Analyzing with the three factors : marketing mix, SWOT analysis and competitor analysis will give a clear idea from the producers side for honey money top to find a strategy and method to eliminate its competition.

Key areas of syllabus:
1.3 – Organizational objectives
1.6 - Organizational planning tools ( SWOT analysis)
4.2 – Marketing Plan
4.3, 4.4,4.5,4.6 – Product , price, promotion and place
Other Business content covered in the project :
Marketing mix
Swot analysis
Brand name and loyalty
Porters 5 force analysis
Pricing methods strategies
Market positioning
Market segmentation
Niche marketing

Primary research :
Visiting both the super markets, honey money top and reliance super to understand the way it operates and the popularity Conducting a questionnaire in Honey money top for 15 customers regarding the pricing, distance , products and quality and promotion

Secondary research :
Creation of the questionnaire
Research and understand the history and popularity of Honey money top See the development and changes of the super market over the period of time as the area has developed Comparison of honey money top and reliance super through online research What are the advantages and disadvantages a super market can have if its located in a mall like reliance super or honey money top which is separate and exclusive . Problems likely to be encountered:

Problems :| Solution :|
Conducting the questionnaire | Requesting permission from the owner and talks with the manager| Questions not answered properly | Specific questions with just ticking options | Understanding both the super markets| Myself being a customer and regularly visiting| Cannot visit to often regarding this as it would cause disturbance| Gather as much as information before and visit a few times being specific| Not too much online information regarding the supermarkets| Gather as much as...
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